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CCIS recommended Links on the Web

For Families
KidsHealth.org contains the latest expert information on children's health & parenting. This site is sponsored by one of the foremost health organizations in the world and has won numerous awards. Don't miss it!

Kids Health

Wading Pool The Wading Pool - Part of The Sony Station Wonderland, this is the perfect place for small children to get their feet wet on the world wide web. Lots of fun activities including Sing Along Songs, a Sandbox and Webtime Stories! A must see for the littlest surfers!

Note - Some features of the site require the Shock Wave Browser Plug-In from Macromedia. Download it now - it's free!

It's your favorite channel on television, now check out Nickelodeon on the WWW! There's lots to see and do and tons of games to play! Nickelodeon is one of the best sites on the WWW for kids! Nickelodeon

Sponsored by the Search engine "Yahoo!" this is a great starting point for children age 6 and up. The site features great links to entertainment, sports, software, games and a host of other activities to keep young minds busy and entertained for hours. Kids can even join Club Yahooligans - for surfers who want the inside scoop! They can have a regular update emailed directly to them with a sneak preview of new COOL sites, advance notice of contests and special offers on Yahooligans!, and other cool stuff! Totally awesome!

For News

ABC News.com

One of the premier news agencies in the world, ABC News.com brings you the latest headlines on the WWW.

You've watched it on your television now check out CNN Interactive on the World Wide Web. One of the most well respected news organizations in the world brings the latest headlines right to your desktop.

CNN Interactive

Fox News.com

Get the true scoop! Fox News brings you unbiased news from around the world.

For Sports

ESPN SportsZone, the leader in online sports news, scores, statistics and more has a dynamic site on the WWW! Go check out the latest scores for your favorite teams - it's well worth a visit!

ESPN Sportszone

CNNSI Online

With two of the largest names in sports - CNN and Sports Illustrated, you know this site is going to have it all. Surf on over and find out what's happening in the world of sports and, yes, fellas, they even have the swimsuit calendar on line!
If you're an avid fan of fishing you've probably already been to the Bass Pro Shops. Why not visit them now on the WWW? The site includes an online catalogue for easy shopping. Once you've been to the site, you'll be hooked!

Bass Pro Shops