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CCIS is your Premium Internet Service Provider
for business and personal use.

Contact us at (660)826-6747 or email us at info@centralcomm.net

Terms of Internet Access Agreement

Customer agrees to use the service in a manner consistent with any and all applicable local, state, and national, and/or international laws. Use of CCIS Network for bulk and/or unsolicited email, commercial or otherwise, is prohibited and shall be cause for immediate account termination.

All CCIS Network subscribers agree to use and use only the email address as confirmed at time of signup for their "Return" and/or "Reply-To" Internet email address. The use of a "fake" email address, email address belonging to another Internet user, or no email address as a "Return" and/or "Reply-To" Internet mail address is prohibited and such use shall be cause for immediate account termination.

Customer agrees to utilize appropriate protocols for data transmissions. Email messages are limited to a maximum of 20 MB (20000K) incoming storage space.

Customer shall be held liable for any and all costs incurred by CCIS as a result of customer violation of these terms and conditions: including but not limited to attorney fees and costs resulting from Postmaster responses to complaints from and cleanup of unsolicited commercial mailings and/or unauthorized bulk mailings and/or news server violations. CCIS's current hourly rate for Postmaster responses to complaints and cleanup of unsolicited commercial mailings and/or unauthorized bulk mailings and/or news server violations is US $100 per hour, with a minimum one (1) hour charge.

Use of CCIS Network NNTP news server for spamming is prohibited and shall be cause for immediate account termination. Use of CCIS NNTP news server for software distribution, cross-posting messages to more than 10 news groups, the posting of off-topic messages to newsgroups, and/or as an advertising medium is prohibited and shall be cause for immediate termination.

The use of programs such as packet sniffers, host and/or service monitoring, and other similar programs is forbidden. CCIS monitors all network services around the clock

For purpose of network use, CCIS hereby distinguishes Business Accounts to be any account held by a Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Corporation, or any other entity engaged in an ongoing "Business Enterprise" and Personal Accounts as an account held by an individual for personal use, research, and recreation. All account activations require the disclosure of intended use, be it business, home business, or personal, and any account contract, the resale, transfer, or trade of any CCIS Account and/or Services strictly prohibited. Inquires regarding "Accounts for Resale" should be directed to the CCIS Sales Manager.

Personal Use Accounts receiving storage space for a Personal Web Page are subject to certain use restrictions for said personal page. A Personal page may be used for personal Internet distribution of subscriber's personal information such as: bio, resume, privately owned items for sale, hyperlinks to favorite Web locations, and information to let the world know who you are and what you think. A Personal Page, other than for personal recommendations, may not be used for any business related activities such as: advertising, sales, marketing, promotions, posting information for other individuals or businesses, software FTP site, any illegal activity, and any other activities prohibited by the CCIS Network's terms and conditions.

Customer is responsible for use of account(s) and confidentiality of password(s).


Information available on CCIS network is the property of CCIS, its Information Providers, or other Customers. Customer shall not redistribute, reproduce, or commercially exploit such information without express written permission of its owner.

Information Providers shall have the right to assert and enforce such copyright provisions directly on their own behalf.

Customer submitting information owned by Customer for distribution on CCIS network grants CCIS non-exclusive permission to distribute the information product worldwide. Customers retain all rights Customer may have to such information and should expressly state such rights in conjunction with said information.



Neither CCIS nor its Information Providers are responsible for any damages arising from Customer's use of CCIS network or inability to use CCIS network. There is no guarantee of message delivery. Email return receipts may be requested, but there is no guarantee that the recipient's mail system will process or even acknowledge these requests.

CCIS is not responsible for Customer's files residing on CCIS network. Customer is responsible for independent backup of all such data at a site determined by customer.

CCIS cannot and does not exercise any control whatsoever over the information passing through its network or through the Internet.

Due to the potential threat of viral attack, CCIS highly recommends the practice of safer computing to protect against computer viruses. CCIS is in no way responsible for any data loss or damage arising from viral infection from the Internet. Customers undertake browsing and downloading of Internet files at their own risk. Consult with your local computer reseller, systems analyst, consultant, and/or management information systems personnel to determine the anti-viral protection program best suited to your needs

Customer is hereby warned that some Internet sites accessible via CCIS network allow posting, retrieval, and/or electronic mailing of materials that may be considered obscene or objectionable. CCIS not responsible for inadvertent or deliberate access to such material and cannot prevent access of such material. It is recommended that each customer closely monitors use of his/her account especially in the case of potential use or misuse by minor children. Accounts for minor children must be opened by a parent or legal guardian with their explicit consent.

CCIS network services may be used only for lawful purposes. Transmittal of any material in violation of any international, federal or state regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted materials, material legally judged to be threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secret. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless CCIS (AKA CCIS, INC. centralcomm.net) from any claims resulting from your use of the service which damages you or another party.

Any access to other networks through the CCIS network must comply with the rules appropriate for the other network. Violation of the rules of other networks is grounds for account cancellation. This includes, but is not limited to, mass Usenet posting, Usenet cross-posting, mass emailing, and/or the sending of unsolicited commercial email.

CCIS and its affiliates shall not be liable under any legal theory (including tort or contract) for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages in any way related to the product or services provided.

CCIS technicians are trained to deal with connectivity issues for our customers.

CCIS is not responsible for any hardware conflicts or failures which may occur. CCIS is not liable for any third party software, websites, or website contents.


CCIS reserves the right to change its services without notice including but not limited to access procedures, hours of operation, menu structures, commands, documentation, and services offered. Notice of modifications to these Terms and Conditions will be posted to this CCIS Network Web page. Customers are encouraged to review the current Terms and Conditions of Use on a regular basis. Customer's use of CCIS network after such notice shall constitute Customer acceptance of such modifications.

Customer understands that CCIS network services may be interrupted for several reasons, including but not limited to malfunctions, maintenance, improvement or as required to protect network resources in the event of malfunctions or misuse. Customer understands that it may not receive advance notification of any such interruption of service. Scheduled outages will be sent via email to all of our customers. CCIS shall not be liable for any delay in or failure to perform the services caused by circumstances entirely beyond its control such as those occasioned by acts of God or other causes or which it could not have reasonably foreseen or any other cause which similarly impedes the providing of service.

There will be no refunds for scheduled or unscheduled service interruptions of less than 24 hours duration. At its sole discretion, CCIS may elect to provide a pro rata or additional/extension of service refund for service interruptions of greater than 24 hours.

Customer hereby agrees that any material submitted for distribution on CCIS network through Customer's Account(s) does not violate or infringe upon any copyright, trademark, patent, statutory, common law or proprietary rights of others, or contain anything obscene, objectionable, or libelous.

CCIS at its sole discretion and judgment may immediately suspend Customer's access to the service upon any breach of any of the Terms and Conditions by Customer, including, but not limited to, refusal or failure to pay for services provided or disruptive on-line behavior.

CCIS reserves the right at its sole discretion to delete any information entered into CCIS network computer systems by Customer. CCIS and its authorized representatives shall retain the right, but shall not be obligated, to review/accept/reject publicly viewable information.

CCIS reserves the right to disconnect non-dedicated dial-up connections with inactivity for more than 10 minutes ("time-out"). Non-dedicated dial-up connections may not be utilized as a dedicated connection, and CCIS reserves the right to disconnect non-dedicated dial-up connections exceeding 8 hours in connection duration.

CCIS reserves the right to delete Customer's personal files for which a storage fee has not been paid and which have not been accessed for more than one (1) month.

CCIS reserves the right to terminate access to service for any Customer Account(s) which have been inactive for six (6) months or longer.

CCIS reserves the right to refuse and/or terminate service to anyone or any entity for any reason at its sole discretion with or without notice.

CCIS Web hosting customers are required to sign a Web hosting contract which delineates other terms and conditions.