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  1. Can I have more than one email address?

    Yes, you can have many email addresses.

    Our Residential packages include 2 email addresses.
    Our SOHO package includes 5 email addresses.
    Our Corporate package includes 10 email addresses.
    Additional email addresses, other then those provided with the various plans, are $3.00 per month, per address.

  2. What services does CCIS support?

    CCIS is a "full service" Internet provider. What this means, is that your connection is not restricted in any way, you can use ANY service that the Internet has to offer, some of which include: ftp, web, news, email, telnet, chat, etc.

  3. I get an error checking my email, it says I have been disconnected, why?

    It all depends on what email program you are using. Please check your settings and e-mail our Technical Support Department if you still have problems.

  4. What type of Operating Systems does CCIS support?

    CCIS supports all current operating systems. Currently we have software available for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000. However, if you use a different operating system, just let us know and we will set you up with the necessary software.

  5. I try to connect and it says wrong password. I'm typing it in correctly what's wrong?

    Make sure your caps lock is off because the password is case sensitive.

  6. What information do I tell my Internet software?
    Use the following information with your Internet software: 
    Primary (DNS)   
    Secondary (DNS) 
    POP3 Server(incoming)     mail.centralcomm.net	
    SMTP Server(outgoing)     mail.centralcomm.net

  7. How do I configure my Outlook Express for multiple users?
    Outlook Express (5.0 or later) Click on File -> Identities -> Add New Identity. Type in what you would like the name of the identity to be, and if you would like to have a password to access this identity, check the box. Click OK, and at the next prompt, click Yes. Make sure “Create a new internet mail account” is selected and click Next, then enter what you would like your display name to be and click Next. Enter your e-mail address as your username@shreve.net, and click Next. Your incoming mail server is a POP3 server, so you can leave that box as it is, and enter in the name of the incoming mail server as “mail.centralcomm.net” (without the quotes). The outgoing mail server name is also “mail.centralcomm.net”. Your account name should be your username in all lower case letters, and it should already appear like this in the blank. Enter your password, which will appear as “xxxxxx”, click Next, and then click Finish. To switch between your identities, simply go to File, and choose Switch Identities. The identity you are currently using will appear to the top right of the Inbox. If you have any questions, please give our tech support a call at 660.826.6747 or 800.344.3898.

  8. I keep getting alot of unwanted email, is there anything that can be done about this?

    Unfortunatly this experience is all to common on the Internet. This is called Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or SPAM. There is not much that can be done to stop the spam once it has come in. Many times the messages will ask you to reply to be "removed" from their mailing list. Often this is just a trap, and the real reason they want you to reply is to confirm that you in fact got their message. Once you confirm, they will no doubt send more and more email. The best thing to do is to not reply at all, or possibly complain to the ISP the mail came from. If you receive SPAM from "joe@aol.com" for example, it's probably a good idea to send a message to abuse@aol.com" and let them know you don't appreciate the unsolicited email their users are sending. There are a number of different ways someone can get your email address to begin with.

    All one has to do, is post their email address *anywhere* on the Internet, and countless number of people can have it. This includes mailing lists and newsgroups. You can also filter out your messages that you don't want. Most email programs have the option and you can find it by clicking on help and typing in filter. It should give you the instructions on how to do this.

  9. How do I configure my MS Outlook for multiple users?
    Microsoft Outlook (all versions) Click on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel and double-click the Mail icon (it might read Mail and Fax). Click Show Profiles, then Add to add a new profile. In the next window, be sure “Use the following information services” is selected, check the box that reads “Internet E-Mail,” and click Next. The profile name can be anything you like, but to make it less confusing, type in your username and click Next. Click the “Setup Mail Account” button, then enter in your mail account name (make this your username, if you like), your name, and e-mail address as your username@shreve.net, all in lower-case letters with no spaces. Click on the “Servers” tab at the top, and set both incoming and outgoing mail servers to “mail.central.net” without the quotes). Enter your account name, which is your username, all in lower-case, and enter your password, which will appear as “xxxxxx.” Click OK, Next, Next, and Finish. Now you will see the name of your new account listed, so click Close. The next time you open Outlook, you will be prompted for the profile you wish to use. If you have any questions, please give our tech support a call at 660.826.6747 or 800.344.3898.

  10. How do I configure my Eudora mail for multiple users?
    Eudora (version 4.3 or later) Go to Eudora’s website: http://www.eudora.com/techsupport/tutorials/win_multiple.html and follow the instructions. Unless you are an advanced user, it is much easier to set up personalities in Eudora. Instructions to do this can be found at: http://www.eudora.com/techsupport/tutorials/win_personalities.html There is really not much difference between the two. If you have any questions, please give our tech support a call at 660.826.6747 or 800.344.3898. .

  11. How do I configure my Netscape Messenger to check e-mail for multiple users?
    Netscape Messenger (4.5 or later): Go to Start -> Programs -> Netscape -> Utilities -> User Profile Manager -> New -> Next. Enter your name as you want it to be seen when people see your e-mail. Enter your e-mail address (your username@centralcomm.net), Next. Profile name can be whatever you like, but to eliminate confusion, make it your username. Leave the next box alone and click Next. For your outgoing mail server, change it to “mail.shreve.net” (without the quotes) and click Next. For the account name, type in your username in all lower case letters. Also, change the incoming mail server to “mail.shreve.net” and click Next. Change the news server to “news.shreve.net” and click “Finish.” Now when you start Netscape, a window will appear asking which profile you want to use. Select the appropriate profile for the e-mail you want to check and click Start Communicator. If you have any questions, please give our tech support a call at 660.826.6747 or 800.344.3898.

  12. I'm very new to the internet and I don't know what to do, is there anything information on the net that can help me?

    Most people start out with using search engines to look for things they are interested in. Here is a list of search engines that are popular:


  13. What is my email address?

    The login name you gave us when you signed on is also used as your email address. ex: You use the username of tester and the password of tester, your email address is tester@centralcomm.net

  14. I heard the internet has a better price for computer hardware than buying locally. Where can I find these prices?

  15. Where is a good place to get software?

    PC or Mac
    Windows 95/98/3.x/NT
    Windows 95/98/NT
    Windows 95/98/NT

  16. I am looking for drivers for my computer, where can I get them?

    Here is a link that gives a list of all computer manufacturers.

  17. I want to chat with others on the internet, how do I obtain the software.

    There are alot of different sites on the internet and also alot of different programs. Here is a list that will help you get started:


  18. Discounts

    We offer discounts for advance payments. If you pay by the year you would receive a 10% discount

  19. Does CCIS have a proxy server?

    Yes. CCIS uses the latest in caching technologies. Users are automatically web proxied so no configuration is necessary. This results in much faster web page access. Additionally, users can take advantage of the ftp proxy, for increased ftp download speeds. To configure your browser for proxy, goto the Proxy Configuration settings section and enter the proxy configuration manually by specifying the following for your ftp proxy: host:squid.centralcomm.net port:3128